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Paver Sealing

Sealing your pavers on your pool deck or drive way restores and protects your pavers.
Along with extending the life of your investment, it gives your home an instent update with out paying a hefty price.


Why should I seal my pavers?

Sealing protects pavers from rain, sun and wear. It creates an invisible barrier that repels water, oil and dirt. Sealing also preserves the paver’s natural beauty for years to come. Sealing helps prevent insect infestation and weed growth.

How long does the process take?

It’s usually a 2-day process (weather permitting of course). The first day, we treat any stains with various solutions or solvents which are followed up by pressure cleaning, getting almost anything out (stubborn penetrating stains like oil and rust may not come out). The second day, given that the surface to be sealed is completely dry, our sealer is then sprayed on. We suggest vehicles not to be driven over a completed job for 48-72 hours. Pedestrians may walk on the sealed surface 2-4 hours after completion

When do my pavers need re-sanding?

Fine sand is the finishing touch of any paver job. It gets into the little spaces between the pavers and secures them, preventing them from moving or shifting. The sand doesn’t need to come all the way to the surface, but if you see large spaces between the pavers you may need re-sanding. Otherwise, the pavers may shift and be damaged.

How can you tell if you need to reseal your pavers?

A simple way of telling if your pavers need resealing is to run water on the pavers.
If the water does not bead up it is time to reseal

Large drive way before and after sealing

Paver Sealer No Sealer ComparisonPool Deck Sealed and Tinted Finished Product


Decorative Concrete:

We have been doing Decorative Concrete / Spray Crete in the SW Florida area for the past 11 years. From garage floors, driveways, walk ways, and pool decks we cover just about anything concrete. We can transform your “plain” concrete driveway to “the talk of the neighborhood” driveway.

Do you have cracks? Missing Concrete? Old Spray Crete?

Not to worry, we can fix all of that and make it look brand new again!

Standing Water? Not Draining?

Pool Hero can fix that too! We have been putting in deco drains and drainage systems in driveways and pool decks for a long time and can fix that spot you have where its moldy, dirty and holds water all the time.

Pool Hero also does repaints. We fix the cracks and repaint your deck or driveway to any color of your choice. Just a phone call away at 239-340-4360

Before Picture Renovation of Pool Deck 2After Picture Renovation of Pool Deck 2

Before Picture Renovation of Pool DeckAfter Picture Renovation of Pool Deck






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