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New Pool Owner? Pool Care Info You Should Know!

New pool owners: We’ve all heard the saying there is no such thing as a stupid question and that goes for pool ownership as well. There are many ways to build a swimming pool and we are very familiar with most forms of construction as well as the equipment used. With many years of swimming pool experience we’ve definitely seen it all.

How long should my pool equipment run for?
The text book answer is, “every pool is different depending on the size of the pool, size of the filter and size of the pool pump”. However, generally speaking the summer months in Lee County, Florida require your pool equipment to run between seven and eight hours per day. During the “winter” months your pool in Lee County, Florida still requires care and maintenance. Your pool equipment should run between six and seven hours.

When do I know it’s winter in Cape Coral, Florida?
When the average daytime temperature drops below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Be careful as we do have warm fronts that come through that will require you to re-adjust your pool timer.

I have an automatic chlorinator, why isn’t it filled with chlorine tablets?
Pool Hero monitors your chlorine level weekly. Your automatic chlorinator is a “reserve” which acts as a back up until your next week’s service. You never want to have more than two or three tablets at a time which ensures they’ll fully dissolve.

I have a pool cartridge filter, when should I replace it?
Per the National Pool and Spa Association cartridge filters should be changed out and replaced annually.

My chemicals are all perfect, why is there algae in the pool?
Let me start by saying even with perfect water chemistry, it is possible to have algae in your pool. The cause could be one of many things and the most common is your pump and filter are not running long enough. Your filter may also be dirty. Or, you could have phosphates in your pool. Phosphates are a food source for algae and build up over time. The most common cause of phosphates in your pool is lawn fertilizer that finds it way into the pool and the only way to remove them is to utilize a phosphate remover which requires special chemicals and special testing to remove the phosphates in your pool.

I have some algae in my pool is there anything I can do to begin the removal process before you arrive?
Living in Lee County you have a 99% chance that you will have algae in your pool at some point and it’s not the end of the world, but it does need attention. There’s no magic pill that’s going to make it just disappear. It’s a process that needs to be worked through. It could be rectified in as little as one visit or it could take multiple visits. Here’s what you can do to help the process along:

  1. Turn the pump and filter ON and let it run continuously
  2. Brush the pool
  3. DO NOT add any chemicals because it will give us false test results and interfere with the determination of why the algae is in the pool

If you add chemicals you’re simply masking the symptoms and will prolong the diagnosis and treatment process.

I have a pool “Up North” and take care of it myself, why do I need someone to maintain my pool here in SWFL?
The average annual temperature in addition to the high rate of rain fall in the summer months make caring for a pool in Lee County, Florida much different and rather difficult than that of other areas of the country. The Pool Hero has many years of experience, many certifications and resources at our disposal and we still learn something new every day. Additionally, The Pool Hero continues to be educated on new technology and trends to make our customers as comfortable as possible in their swimming pool.

When I get out of the pool, my skin itches and is often dry, why is that?
Chances are your swimming pool water is too heavily chlorinated. Professional pool cleaning will come to your home and do a FREE one time chemical analysis and advise you on how we can customize a maintenance plan for optimal swimming comfort.

My eyes are really red when I get out of the pool and my neighbor said it’s because there’s too much chlorine in the pool. Is that true?
No. Chances are the PH balance of your pool water is out of balance. The best way to explain this is by comparing your pool water with the need to use baby shampoo on an infant. Baby shampoo is used because it’s PH balanced so it won’t burn or irritate babies’ eyes. Pool water needs to be PH balanced otherwise it will have the same effect as washing a baby with “adult” shampoo; red, burning eyes. As stated above, Pool Hero is available for a FREE one time consultation.

What temperature should I keep my pool at?
It’s up to an individual’s comfort level.

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