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Pool Cleaning Questions and Answers

Are you licensed?
Yes, we are state licensed residential swimming pool service company which means we are licensed in the State of Florida to service pools, repair pools and pool equipment or build a swimming pool. Pool Hero offers you a one stop shop in that we are licensed to build, repair and resurface your pool as well as maintain it for you afterwards. Most pool maintenance companies are not legally able to offer you all of the services that we can.

How much do you charge for Pool Cleaning and Maintenance?
We offer three package plans:

The Sidekick – $55.00 monthly*
Weekly PH check, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness Level, Stabilizer to ensure proper swimming pool balance, check and maintain the pools disinfectant levels. For traditional chlorine or a salt water pools.

The Silver Surfer = $77.00 monthly*
Autovac, weekly brushing of the pool walls, all flat services, steps, tanning ledges, etc. Clean the skimmer basket, clean the pump filter basket, clean and maintain your pool filter and maintain proper chemical balance in your pool.

Aquaman = $90.00 monthly*
Monthly hand vacuuming of the entire pool, weekly check of PH, Total alkalinity, Calcium hardness level, stabilizer to ensure proper swimming pool balance, check and maintain the pool’s disinfectant levels. Bi-weekly brush pool walls, all flat services, steps, tanning ledges, etc. Clean the skimmer basket, clean the pump filter basket, clean and maintain pool filter as well as maintain proper chemical balance in your pool. For traditional chlorine or a salt water pools.

*All prices are based on standard 14′ x 28′ foot pool and are subject to change.

Do you sell pool autovacs?
Pool Hero offers several models at competitive prices and will help you pick the one right for your pool and budget!

Can I buy pool products from you?
Pool Hero offers a wide variety of swimming pool equipment products priced for every budget. Some of our offerings are automatic pool vacuums, electric heat pumps and other temperature enhancing items.

My friend has a salt generator and he says he doesn’t have to add ANY chemicals. Is that true?
Let me start by saying salt water swimming pools are GREAT; the water is soft, silky and a pleasure to be in. They have a low concentration of salt which helps to generate its own chlorine therefore adding chlorine is not necessary. However, checking the PH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness is still an important requirement. In addition, the salt cell (which is the part of your pool equipment that actually generates the chlorine) has maintenance requirements which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. All manufacturers do suggest routine inspecting and cleaning of the salt cell generally every 3-6 months.

What areas do you service for Pool Cleaning and Maintenance?
At this time we offer pool cleaning service and maintenance only in Lee County which is by design. In order to maximize our time and provide our customers the best possible service we prefer to concentrate our efforts to one geographic area. That way, we’re available for emergencies or unexpected service or repair calls.

I’m a seasonal resident. Do I really need to have my pool serviced when I’m not here?
To be sure your pool finish is maintained and your pool equipment is kept in optimum working condition, yes, you need to have your pool serviced year round. Leaving your pool unattended for months at a time can result in algae build up which will eat away at your pool’s surface causing staining. Additionally, water sitting idle in your pool equipment (heater/pump) becomes corrosive and eats away at the metal parts.

Can I get a free estimate?
Please contact Pool Hero for a free estimate in the entire Lee County area.

What is the best way to heat my pool?
Several factors come into play such your temperature preference and whether you have a pool only or a pool/spa combination. Solar heating offers a one-time cost but is difficult to use if regulating temperature is important to you. Electric heat pumps offer the ability to pre-program different temperature settings for both your pool and spa and will work regardless of the weather.

I’m adding water every week, how do I tell if my pool has a leak?
During the dry season your swimming pool water will evaporate between 1-3 inches per week depending on whether you have water features such as a waterfall or fountain. The best way to tell if you have a leak is by using the bucket test. Turn off the water features and put a bucket on the first step of the pool then fill the bucket with water until the water in the bucket is at the same level as the water in the pool. Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket and watch for evaporation. If you’re within a half inch you’ve got normal evaporation, if you see the water go down greater than a half inch you need to contact Pool Hero and we’ll schedule a leak detection service call.

Do you resurface pools?
Yes, we are a licensed residential swimming pool contractor which means we are licensed in the State of Florida to resurface pools.

I just had my pool resurfaced, are there any special requirements?
Yes, there are. First and foremost it’s important to understand that just because the pool is full of water it’s not ready to swim in yet. It takes about 2 weeks to complete a proper swimming pool “start up” because the pool finish is still curing consequently, the PH and total alkalinity levels are rising and falling regularly, and swimming in this can make you ill. The basic procedure is as follows: The pool needs to run 24/7 for about 2 weeks (more or less). The chemicals need to be checked a minimum of twice a week and the pool needs to be brushed daily. At the end of the two weeks you can then vacuum the pool. Once the pool has been vacuumed and your pool professional has balanced all of the chemicals it’s safe to swim.

Do you design and build pools?
Yes, we are a licensed residential swimming pool contractor which means we are licensed in the State of Florida to build pools. For about the same cost as others who build rectangle and kidney shape pool, we build one with more style and character. Contact the Pool Hero for a FREE estimate!

Does Pool Hero service commercial pools?
Yes, Pool Hero is fully certified to service commercial pools.

Does Pool Hero provide home watch?

Yes Pool Hero provides home watch service for many of our seasonal residents and is always accepting new clients. We go in each week and inspect the entire house and its belongings. We take pictures each week and send you an email with the pictures and what we did. This provides a great sense of security knowing that someone actually took the time and documented your house on weekly visits to insure your property remains the way you left it. If we come across any problems we immediately notify the owner and provide our resources to you in finding the right repair companies. For a complete breakdown of what we inspect and offer please feel free to contact us via email or direct at 239-340-4360

How is the Pool Hero going green for communities?

We have come up with a community wide “going green” pool service plan for gated communities in our area. If we can get a majority of the pools in the community we can offer unbeatable prices and top notch service to each customer on the same day. We will service the pools on a golf cart cutting down on the amount of space the service trucks take up in the road thus increasing on your pedestrian safety and cutting down on the amount of emissions going into the air from sitting idling service trucks. This means no more chemicals dripping from trucks onto your road causing it to eat up the pavement. Another benefit to this for communities is it provides more security by cutting down on the amount of service companies in your development on a weekly basis. One service company, one service day, and less damage to the environment and more safety is a huge marketing benefit to any community. Contact us today and lets get started on going green in your community.

Do you do equipment installations?

Yes we provide new equipment installations and repair and replace old existing systems. We are honest and up front about the problems you may be having and never try to sell you something that you don’t need. We are current on all the new law’s and standards in the pool industry and continue to educate ourselves.

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