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Pool Hero is proud to offer an environmentally friendly solution for your Association:


The Pool Hero Gated Community Program is a very unique way of doing Pool Service and is something that you could use to market your community as being “green friendly” and safer than others.
Throughout the work week there are a number of different service companies that come into your community to service your residence properties. This can create a problem with pedestrian safety, emissions from all the idling service vehicles, and even can bring in thieves.
I have a solution to those issues, some communities are all ready using one landscape company to provide a more uniform look to their community, why not use one pool service company?

What we want to offer is low cost pool service and all properties being serviced the same day by the same tech’s. This will create a safer environment by cutting down on the amount of strangers in your community and also cut down on the emissions in the air from idling trucks. The roads wont be cluttered with service vehicles blocking the view of walkers and traffic, no more leaking pool trucks ruining your roads with their chemicals, and more time to enjoy the FL weather!

We Service all pools on the same day. That means your association benefits from less traffic, less congestion and less exhaust. That’s a safe and green positive impact for your neighborhood!

Call today to schedule your free Association evaluation and let Pool Hero change the way your community is.

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